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October 13th, part VI - Wrapping up a full day in Prague.

Narrow street leading away from Old Town Square
Crazy market in Old Town
A beautiful doorway on a side street
An elaborate shop window

More pictures of Old Town wandering...

The first is a narrow street meandering off from Old Town Square.

The second is a rather crazy market we ran across on a side street at some point. The streets twisted and turned so much, I really can't tell how far it was from the square. This one was much less touristy than the first.

The third and fourth pictures are of an incredibly intricate doorway and window I found as we wandered. Full size images can be seen here and here.

The Rott Crystal store. Just look at that fresco!

The second photograph is a smaller church we ran across on one of the side streets. I can't believe how many churches these people built - it seemed like there was one on every corner.

And the third one, well, the third one was all for me.

Rott Crystal, Prague
Another church
This one's for me

The streets of Prague at night
The Church Of Our Lady Before Tyn at night
The church and the hotels at night

Prague is absolutely beautiful at night. Warning - I am a totally amateur photographer, so most of these night pictures are blurry/have glares/whatever. Suck it up, some of them are pretty cool.

The first photograph is looking down a narrow street at a church, but I'm not sure which one it is.

The second and third are of Old Town Square after dark. They have the sights lit up with spot- and floodlights, and it is rather breathtaking.

We found our way through the darkened streets of Old Town to the Charles Bridge. I don't know what it was, but there was an illuminated clocktower to the south of us that was just gorgeous - that's the first photograph.

I then walked up onto the bridge again, and looked back at the symphony house and church behind it. Tracy, being the weasel she can be, managed to sneak 5/6th of herself into the picture.

I then took the last two pictures, of the bridge's eastern tower. One has the church in the background, one is the tower itself.

An unknown clocktower to the south
The symphony house at night The eastern bridge tower with the church in the background
The eastern bridge tower at night

Lights in Old Town reflecting on the river at night
Lights in Old Town reflecting on the river at night

As we walked back across the Charles Bridge, we had a fantastic view of Old Town at night. At night, even the tail lights of cars look interesting, especially when reflecting on the calm waters of a river.

And wrapping up October 13th in Prague, Czech Republic, we have two final photographs: The first being Prague Castle from the middle of Charles Bridge at night, and the second being the western bridge tower with a statue to the lower right.

Unfortunately, the photograph of Prague Castle is terribly blurry... It's really hard to get focus in complete dark. But, at least you can see the incredible lighting effects they have set up. It will take your breath away.

Tomorrow... The journey to Salzburg, Austria.

Prague Castle lit up at night, from Charles Bridge
Western bridge tower with a barely-visible statue at the lower right
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