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Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP): By utilizing the network resources of, you agree to be bound by the terms and policies set forth in this Acceptable Usage Policy (hereafter known as the AUP).
Definition of "utilizing the network resources": We at define "utilizing" as:
  • Visiting the web sites hosted on this server or others on this network via a web browser, or by any means that makes an initial IP connection to a web server residing on this network (lynx, links, telnet to port 80, etc)
  • Sending email to any host or email address on this network, whether the address or host are existant or not
  • Attempting to, or establishing, an IP connection to any service reachable from any network not local to this one
You are allowed to visit any web site hosted on this host or on this network, unless you have been specifically restricted or banned from accessing these sites or hosts. If you have been restricted or banned, access controls may be employed in many forms, including (but not limited to) firewall policies, host-based access controls, and/or server-based access controls. If methods are used to restrict access, attempts to contact you and advise you of this may be made. If we are unable to contact you, we may take further actions, such as (but not limited to) contacting your upstream network provider(s).
You are specifically not allowed to send unsolicited bulk email, unsolicited commercial email, or any form of unsolicited advertisement (commercial, non-commercial, or not-for-profit) to users or domains residing on this network. This includes (but is not limited to) UCE, UBE, "spam", political messages, web site advertisements/announcements, or any form of email that has not been solicited by the local users or domains.
Violations of our email policy as stated above will be dealt with harshly. If you violate our email policy, we may take countermeasures to prevent you from utilizing our network resources. These methods may include (but are not limited to) access controls via firewall policies, host-based access controls, or server-based access controls. In extraordinary circumstances, your network abuse(s) may be reported to various agencies, including (but not limited to) law enforcement, various internet organizations, and/or your upstream network provider(s). Details of your network connections or connection attempts may be publicized via printed media, digital media, or via online resources.

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