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October 9th. This was a travel day, departing from Minneapolis-St. Paul International in the Twin Cities, stopping in Newark, New Jersey, and then landing in Berlin, Germany.

Inbox before the trip
Spam folder before the trip

I get a lot of email. I get a lot of email and even more spam, and I was not going to have access to my email during this trip. I mulled it over, and it just wasn't worth the security risks of using untrusted computers to enter my login credentials. Too many public internet terminals are crawling with spyware/viruses.

So, here are some [somewhat blurry] pictures of my inbox and spam mailboxes before I left that morning. I don't want to even think about the mess I'll return to.

Here's Tracy and Rob getting their packs situated before checkin in at MSP. They both had backpacks with detachable day packs, while I had my big green monstrosity-of-a-bag that I took on our first trip to Europe. Tracy and Rob readying their packs

My luck strikes again I enjoy flying, and I really like it when I have a good view out of a window. But, as usual, I got a wing seat for this flight. This is my typical luck.

Here's Wisconsin at about 11,000 feet - the captain had just given his speech about "approved electronic devices." Wisconsin from 11,000 feet

New Jersey - view from the runway
The Skytrain from terminal C

Mmmm, New Jersey. The weather was overcast and crappy, only adding to my less-than-pleasing impression of the "Garden State." Grey, dirty, and depressing. I'd like to see Jersey on a good day, just to compare.

The top photo is looking out of the plane while taxiing to the terminal, and the second photo is a shot of the Skytrain from the terminal.

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