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October 15th, part IV - Continuing a full day in Salzburg.

Church tower as seen from the museum
Huge, multicolored porcelain heater
Medevial toilet hanging out over space

Here are a few last views of the museum in the fortress.

The first photograph is of the fortress' church tower, seen from the upper floor of the museum. The window just .. um .. happened to be open. *cough*

The second picture is of an enormous porcelain heater. It was elaborately decorated, but unfortunately the picture turned out a little blurry.

The last photo is of an actual toilet. It looks just like a normal outhouse, unless you realized that the entire little room is an outcropping of the fortress, and hangs over Old Town below. Yes, that's correct, shit flows downhill. And I bet you got a helluva cold draft coming up the hole in the winter.

After we finished with the museum, we wandered back out into the eastern portion of the inner courtyard. There were several beautiful trees in this courtyard, and one of them had a number of tables set up underneath it. Tourists from all over the world were parked, having a drink or just taking a load off.

Eastern courtyard
Eastern courtyard
Eastern courtyard

Stone relief from 1702
Relief of the crucifiction
Three statues in eastern courtyard
Memorial in eastern courtyard

There were various reliefs and statues scattered around this courtyard.

The first relief of St. Christopher, carrying the Christ child across the river, and is marked as being from 1702 AD.

The second relief was an incredibly detailed design of Christ on the cross, marked 1501 AD.

The third picture is of a group of three statues, one possibly a cardinal or saint.

The fourth was a small memorial found along a wall on the northern side of the courtyard.

After spending some time in the courtyard, we wandered out onto the north wall, onto the parapet. It offered an incredible view of both Old and New Towns.

The top photograph is of both towns, with Old Town on the west (left) and New Town on the east (right). The river snakes lazily between them, flowing north.

The second picture is of the river, and one of the tiny little bridges crossing it. I'm fairly certain this was a pedestrian/bike bridge.

The bottom photograph is of New Town, looking over the parapet.

Old and New Towns, with the river running down the middle
A bridge across the river
Looking at New Town from the parapet

Looking across the rooftops of Old Town
Monestary on the hillside above New Town
A pair of pigeons looking for seeds
The western tower

The first photograph is looking across the rooftops of Old Town, with New Town barely visible across the river to the right.

The second picture is of a monastary, across the river and up on a hillside. It looked down on New Town.

A pair of pigeons decided to join us on the northern ramparts. Thinking back, we really didn't see many pigeons at all.

The last photograph is of the top of the western tower. We never found a way to get up to it - I think that was where the paid tours went.

Our next goal was to visit the Augustiner Braustubel, a monastary brewery, on the north point of the Monchsberg hill. We looked for a while, but we couldn't find any way to get to the forest trails directly from the fortress. This effort was complicated by the fact that the party that had gotten married in the courtyard had now taken over the western part of the fortress. So, we went all the way back down to Old Town on the tram, and then climbed back up a staircase that went up halfway. From there, the trail crossed underneath the tram and headed into the trees.

After some walking, we ended up at an old fort on the southern face of the hill, with a breathtaking view of both Salzburg and Hohensalzburg Fortress.

An old fort in the woods
View of Salzburg and the foothills of the Alps from the old fort
Looking back up at Hohensalzburg Fortress from the fort

A relief in the woods
Rob taking a break, Tracy looking at a sign

There was a stone relief in the woods, showing the man this point had been named after. No, I don't recall the name, I guess I should have taken a picture of the signs as well.

In the second picture, Rob is taking a break on a park bench, while Tracy reads a sign about the old fort.

There were several miles of trails through the woods above Salzburg. They were [mostly] well-marked, and we were able to navigate them relatively easily.

The third picture is a view of the Horse Pond from above. The street on the righthand side is the one that goes into the tunnel from the very bottom of Oct 15th, part I.

A view from the forest trails
Tracy and Rob walking ahead of me in the woods
A view of the Horse Pond from above

A view from the Monchsberg hill
A view from the Monchsberg hill
A view from the Monchsberg hill

The trail we took led along the side of the hill, so it gave us incredible views over Old Town.

In part V - a pleasant surprise in the woods!

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