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October 15th, part II - Continuing a full day in Salzburg.

A smaller church with ivy
A restaurant on the hill, with a modern art museum in the background
A gargoyle on the corner of a building

We started making our way towards the Getreidegasse, the old main street in Salzburg. It is known the world over for its ornate metal signs hanging over the roadway, quaint shops, and the birthplace of Amadeus Mozart.

The first picture is of a church we found along the way, half-covered with ivy that was changing colors with the season. The sign says "Trust in God, and he will help" (loose translation).

The second picture is of a restaurant on the hillside above. The chute is actually an elevator for customers. The white building behind it and to the right is a new modern art museum that was opened very recently.

The third picture is of a lion gargoyle holding a crest, on the corner of a building we passed.

Here are some more of the narrow drives and walkways found in Salzburg.

Interesting: Notice the fresco (or plain painting, can't really tell from the picture) above the second archway.

A narrow drive in Salzburg
A narrow drive in Salzburg
A narrow drive in Salzburg

A building over the street with a tower and painting on it
Closeup of the painting

Just about everywhere we looked, a building was built over a street, or a street had been built under a building. This one was a little more unique, with the tiny little clocktower on the top and the painting of Jesus Christ on the side.

We wandered across what I believe is a government building. It had bars on the lower windows and three flags flapping in the gentle Salzburg breeze. That's the first picture.

*cue Ferris Beuller "Oh Yeah" song* And right by this building, just across the little tiny square, were two Porche sports cars, one silver, one white.

A slight difference between those two, and this tiny little Smart, that we saw everywhere we looked. They don't go very fast on the Autobahn (as we found out later), but damn, you could park one anywhere.

Nice building with flags out front
Silver Porche
White Porche
Rob standing next to a Smart

The Getreidegasse
The Getreidegasse
The Getreidegasse
The Getreidegasse
The Getreidegasse

Finally, the Getreidegasse. This narrow street used to be the main road in Salzburg. Now, it is a tourist haven, and showcases some very well established businesses that have been around for literally hundreds of years.

Interesting: Notice the metal signs hanging over the street - these signs make the Getreidegasse even more famous.

There was a beautiful hotel at the southern end of the Getreidegasse - Hotel Altstadt (Hotel Old City). That's the first picture (to the left is the entrance to Getreidegasse).

The second picture is of a short little clocktower and flags, somewhere over the Getreidegasse. I can't remember what building it was on.

The Hotel Altstadt
A short clocktower over the Getreidegasse

Amadeus Mozart's birthplace
Amadeus Mozart's birthplace

Precisely in the middle of the Getreidegasse was Amadeus Mozart's birthplace. He was born in Salzburg on January 27th, 1756. It is a museum now, but we didn't go in - we had too many other things we wanted to see in Salzburg...


... Like, for example, the Hohensalzburg Fortress looming over Old Town.

This fortress sits on the top of the Monchsberg hill, 1600 feet above the town of Salzburg. Here are some views from down below, before we wound our way through Old Town to the tram leading up to the fortress.

The last picture is of the tram going up the side of the hill. The angle was quite steep, probably about 40 degrees or so. At the "Y" shape you can see in the picture, a descending and an ascending tram would meet and avoid each other by mere seconds. Quite neat, to say the least.

Hohensalzburg Fortress from Old Town
Hohensalzburg Fortress from Old Town
Hohensalzburg Fortress from Old Town
Hohensalzburg Fortress and the tram leading up

Inner courtyard of Hohensalzburg Fortress
Inner courtyard of Hohensalzburg Fortress
Inner courtyard of Hohensalzburg Fortress

Here is a brief introduction to the inner courtyards of Hohensalzburg Fortress.

The first picture is of the west tower of the fortress. You can see the drastic differences between the times the inner and outer towers were built. The taller white one was just above the head of the tram line.

The center photograph is looking eastward across the southern courtyard. See the bright white cloths on the tables on the left side? When we walked through here later, a couple had just been married and were sipping champagne at these tables. Getting married in a fortress!

The final picture is east of the middle one, showing a cage in the center of the courtyard. Part III will show more photographs of this courtyard.

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