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October 12th, part I - We're off to Prague!

Eurail trains are snazzy
Eurail trains are snazzy

OK, to start out, I'd like to say that travelling by Eurail kicks ass, for the most part. The trains are nice and well-maintained, the conductors are friendly and unfailingly patient with tourist idiots, and are very economical. I had very good experiences travelling via train, and I will definately do more travelling by train next time I visit.

This is the inside of the train that took us from Berlin, Germany to Prague, Czech Republic. The trip took around four hours, if I remember correctly.

On the way out of Berlin, I managed to snap a few photos. The picture quality wasn't the best, as I got some reflections in my window and some blurry shots. But, I think they're neat, so enjoy. If you haven't realized I am the world's most amateur amateur photographer, well, I am.

The first shot is an office building that we passed. I really liked the building's style, and it was beautiful along the river with the trees changing colors.

The second shot is one of the train platforms we passed on our way out of Berlin.

The third was a group of children playing kickball in a parking lot. We weren't sure if they were in school, or what.

Office building in Berlin
A train platform in Berlin
Children playing dodgeball in Berlin

Welcome to the Czech Republic!
A cool building in the Czech Republic
A cool building in the Czech Republic

Here we crossed over the border into the Czech Republic. Decin was the first town we ran across, I believe.

Minutes earlier, two Czech policemen (or military?) had checked our passports and stamped them. Even when you know you have your things in order, it's still a little tense when a guy with a Glock strapped to his hip is looking you and your passport over.

The next two photos are just a couple of interesting-looking buildings along the tracks.

The hotel AAA had reserved for us was wonderful. It was right at the edge of a HUGE park, and was next to Prague's embassy district. We were quite a ways from Old Town, but that was OK.

Villa Schwaiger
Our hotel's address plate The main stairway at the hotel

My hotel room in Prague
How to use your safe in ten different languages
Tracy not wanting her picture taken in Prague

This was my hotel room in Prague - much nicer than Berlin! I had lots of room, air conditioning (we were on the top floor, and it was rather warm), a nice, big bathroom, and a dumbwaiter for the bag.

I also had instructions on how to use the room's safe in .. count them .. ten languages!

I caught Tracy in a "don't take my picture, you asshole" moment in their room. It's times like these that being a little brother is really worth it (spray candy, my ass!).

This is the crazy-ass street that was right outside of our hotel. Cars would come flying down the curve at about 45% of the speed of light. We crossed it once, and man, ya had to hustle.

Interesting: Note the 40 KPH speed limit sign that they all ignored, much like back home.

The second picture is the stone stairway behind our hotel. It rose up to the Prague police (Policie) station compound. They had a huge walled courtyard, and further up the street were the Chinese and Egyptian embassies.

Beware crossing this street!
Stone stairway behind our hotel

Northern castle gate
Outer castle courtyard at dusk
Inner castle courtyard at dusk
Inner castle courtyard at dusk

The Prague Castle was probably a mile and a half from our hotel, so we jaunted up there that evening. The first photo is of the northern castle gate, where several soldiers had guard duty.

The middle picture is the outer castle courtyard.

The bottom ones are of the inner castle courtyard, where St. Vitus' cathedral and the Basilica of St. George were.

Some more pictures of these courtyards at dusk.

Outer castle courtyard
Outer castle courtyard
Inner castle courtyard

A beautiful building right outside the western gate of Prague Castle
One of the cathedral towers lit by the sunset
One of the cathedral towers lit by the sunset

This was a building right outside of the western gate of the castle. I thought it was incredibly beautiful in the dusk's light.

The bottom two photos are of the cathedral's two towers lit by the setting sun.

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