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A good friend of mine gave me an actual Ohio buckeye before I left for Europe. He's carried one for years for luck, so he brought some back from a trip this past year. He told me to keep it with me for luck on the trip.

I named him Nard.

These are the pictures of Nard's travels around Europe with us. Some of them are kind of blurry, as my camera had a tendancy to focus on the wrong thing when taking closeup pictures, but you'll get the general idea.

Nard looking out hotel room window in Berlin
Nard relaxing in the room in Berlin

Here are three pictures of Nard in Berlin. The first is Nard looking out my window over the hotel's courtyard. As usual, my camera focused on something distant, so Nard's a little fuzzy.

The second shot is a closeup of Nard in the room, on the headboard of the bed.

This is Nard resting comfortably on the table in my hotel room in Prague.

The second one is of Nard getting his freak on a bit - he's rolling around in Czech money, not unlike Demi Moore.

The final one is of Nard in Old Town. He was perched upon a wastebin, as tourists and residents alike passed by. They paid him no mind, and he largely ignored them - he was there to take in the views.

Nard sitting on the hotel room table in Prague
Nard getting his hedonism on - rolling in Czech money
Nard looking over Old Town in Prague, Czech Republic

Nard and I enjoying a Stiegl beer in Salzburg
Nard at the monestary brewery in Salzburg, Austria

Ah, Salzburg. I loved Salzburg and cannot wait to return - and I think Nard felt the same way! We enjoyed a lovely Stiegl beer on our hike over the mountain towards the monestary brewery...

... and we enjoyed steins of beer once we reached the legendary place. The halls were cavernous, the food was hearty, and the laughter and cheer were contagious. In the second pic, Nard is nestled happily between our steins.

After Salzburg, we were off to Munich. At a little cart on the street, I tried a roasted chestnut. Nard was horrified (they're cousins, I believe), but so was I - roasted chestnuts taste like ass.

Nard sitting next to a roasted chestnut

Nard relaxing in our lovely hotel in Rothenburg
Nard laying on hotel bed in Rothenburg
Nard being held up to the window by Tracy

After Munich came Rothenburg - one of the last remaining walled medevial cities in Europe. It was beautiful - both Nard and I loved it.

Here's nard, in front of a hotel pamphlet.

And here he is, power lounging on the bed.

Tracy held him up to their room's window, so he could get a better view down the street.

After Rothenburg came Luxemburg City, Luxemburg, which was scary as hell. It reminded me a lot of Detroit or maybe New Jersey. It was dirty, the people we saw were rude or strung out, and someone actually defectated on the sidewalk right in front of the hotel.

Here's Nard in the bathroom of my hotel room - it's quite .. cozy.

Nard sitting on the toilet in the hotel room's bathroom

Nard sitting on the hood of our Mercedes in Frankfurt Nard sitting on the hood of our Mercedes in Frankfurt

Nard sitting demurely on the hood of our rented Mercedes at the hotel in Frankfurt.

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