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What is bennyvision about, anyway? Well, bennyvision is basically a bunch of stuff that I've thrown together. Way back before the dot-com boom, I decided that I wanted my own domain. This was while I was working at a Kansas-based ISP, and could pretty much host it for free. I did some research, and during this time period, many cool sounding domain names were being snapped up by domain squatters, etc. So, I needed to find something that was unique, and wasn't likely to infringe upon copyrights, trademarks, or stupid things like that.
I chose "" because it was unique, and unlikely to encounter legal problems down the road. The phrase "Benny has the vision to lead us all" has been quoted since, which scares me. ;) In short, it's a fun domain name, and I like it.
Anyhoo, what does this site have on it? This site contains just about anything. I have a few bits and pieces of open source software, a lot of pictures in the albums area, and some other miscellaneous stuff. If you have suggestions, you can find MAILTO links at the bottom of every page. Use them. I do read suggestions, and take them to heart.

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